Domovea is a software display and control a home automation system Tebis a comfortable and convenient way.

Issue of the Microsoft Partner - Hager, this software allows control of all electrical appliances in a home automation installation Tebis order to better control energy costs in a home, from a PC.

Light , music and shutters obey you with a simple click that you have programmed earlier.

With Domovea we can control your home everywhere.

In normal controls Tebis, Domovea adds new elements of comfort and safety:

  • Trigger sequences (sequence of actions planned or immediate)
  • Change the configuration of the house to reflect events or periods,
  • View images in the proper execution of orders or being ... in a single click.




  • Architecture Mono / Multi Computers
  • Ethernet interface for network server - client (-s)
  • Software compatible with Microsoft OS: Windows XP, Vista and Media Center
  • Solution available for a new home or renovation


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wohnen im intelligenten haus !

  • Heim Automation
  • modules Zwave Europe

    Z-Wave und Heimautomation

    • Drahtlosen
    • Intercompatibility Hersteller
    • Remote Control
    • Easy Setup
    • Übertragungssicherheit
    • Europäische Frequenz 868,42 MHz
  • CCTV

    Die IP-basierten Kameras lassen sich so nahtlos in das Heim- oder Geschäftsnetzwerk einbinden

  • Heimautomation

    Alle für einen intelligente Haus

    • Energieverwaltung
    • Sicherheit und Überwachung
    • Anwesenheitssimulation
    • Ausgestattet mit Internetzugang Sharing
    • Sound Multiroom
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