In 1990 the association was created EIBA (European Installation Bus Association), which aims the development and promotion of PIC.

Then, in 1999, EIBA, BSI and EHSA going to create Association Konnex (KNX).

The year 2002 arrives with the publication of the KNX specification, a complete version of ISB.

November 2006 and the KNX protocol and all its communication media (TP, PL, RF, IP) are recognized by ISO / IEC 14543-3-x for publication as an international standard.

Today, thousands of devices, from all member companies EIBA cover all building trades and their applications, with the guarantee of their complete interchangeability, allowing them to function together within a installation created with EIB or KNX today.

EN 50090 is the first standard for the technical management of building and home automation.

The parallel development of KNX / EIB, that projects in the past are still compatible with the latest equipment.



Architecture of a system EIB / KNX:

  • The power part, 230 VAC or 400 VAC (50 Hz), labeled PL (Power Line)
  • The control part can be:
    • Cable, twisted pair TP (Twisted Pair)
    • Wireless or radio RF (Radio Frequency)
    • Infra-red IR (Infrared)

Configuration modes

There are three categories of KNX device:

  • A-mode or "Automatic mode" devices automatically configure themselves, and are intended to be sold to and installed by the end user.
  • E-mode or "Easy mode" devices require basic training to install.
  • S-mode or "System mode" devices are used in the creation of bespokebuilding automation systems.
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Smart home everywhere !

  • Heim Automation
  • modules Zwave Europe

    Z-Wave and Smart Home

    • Wireless
    • Intercompatibility manufacturers
    • Remote Control
    • Easy Setup
    • Transmission Security
    • European frequency 868.42 MHz
  • CCTV

    Secure your home with CCTV to help keep you, your family and your home safe

  • Heimautomation

    All for a smart home

    • Power Management
    • Security and surveillance
    • Presence simulation
    • File sharing in Home network
    • Multiroom audio system
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