Creating a home network has never been easier: simply connect an adapter to a gateway, a DSL or cable modem to extend broadband connection.

Connect the second adapter into any wall outlet and that's all:
the HomePlug AV will use the existing cable infrastructure to create a network of electric power throughout the house, and without the cost of installation and maintenance.

The outlet is immediately transformed into data port / voice / video receiving multimedia signals from a broadband computer, a decoder, a printer, camera or hub is connected to the electrical current.

Preconfigured and reset using a single button, the home network is also secured by an encryption system dynamics and protection by password.

The HomePlug specification requires that all devices are set to a default out-of-box password — although a common one.

Users should change this password.

The CE class B also ensures a low level of interference with other appliances.






Besides voice and video receive a quality service enhanced by being assigned a transmission priority higher than the data.

The major benefit of powerline networking is that users can easily establish a network using a home's existing electrical wiring as the communication medium.

There is no need to drill holes in walls or ceiling to route new wiring and, as a result, installation is quick, easy and relatively inexpensive.


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  • Heim Automation
  • modules Zwave Europe

    Z-Wave und Heimautomation

    • Drahtlosen
    • Intercompatibility Hersteller
    • Remote Control
    • Easy Setup
    • Übertragungssicherheit
    • Europäische Frequenz 868,42 MHz
  • CCTV

    Die IP-basierten Kameras lassen sich so nahtlos in das Heim- oder Geschäftsnetzwerk einbinden

  • Heimautomation

    Alle für einen intelligente Haus

    • Energieverwaltung
    • Sicherheit und Überwachung
    • Anwesenheitssimulation
    • Ausgestattet mit Internetzugang Sharing
    • Sound Multiroom
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