HSTouch Designer

HSTouch Designer is a fully customizable, graphical interface (GUI) for all HomeSeer house automation systems and will run on virtually any touchscreen including in-wall, stand-alone, tablet, and mobile devices.

HSTouch is created to run on Windows, Windows CE, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android Smartphones and devices, ensuring compatibility with the widest range of touchscreens presently obtainable.

Projects are created with the designer and then deployed to the client(s) for use.

HSTouch Android
HSTouch Designer


HSTouch Designer includes a standard configuration thats ready for use as soon as you fire it up.

With a HomeSeer Home Automation system, you can choose from the most popular automation technologies available including Z-Wave, UPB, Insteon, X10 and more.

HSTouch integrates tightly with all HomeSeer house automation systems and the screens are fully customizable to work with virtually all backgrounds, buttons and graphics.

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Smart home everywhere !

  • Heim Automation
  • modules Zwave Europe

    Z-Wave and Smart Home

    • Wireless
    • Intercompatibility manufacturers
    • Remote Control
    • Easy Setup
    • Transmission Security
    • European frequency 868.42 MHz
  • CCTV

    Secure your home with CCTV to help keep you, your family and your home safe

  • Heimautomation

    All for a smart home

    • Power Management
    • Security and surveillance
    • Presence simulation
    • File sharing in Home network
    • Multiroom audio system
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