The wired network or dedicated radio waves are not the only solutions to connect home appliances to control them in a more or less intelligent.

We speak here of Power Line Communication (PLC) technology that allows transfer of digital data via power lines.

The PLC modules using electrical wiring to connect the whole house.

Depending on the speed offered, there are two classes of PLC:

  • the PLC using narrowband modulation techniques simple enough, for example some carriers (but only one at a time) on FM.
  • PLC to the use of broadband multi-carrier modulation of OFDM type in the band from 1.6 to 30 MHz (HF band from 3 to 30 GHz).

The principle of PLC is to superimpose the electrical current of 50 or 60 Hz signal at a higher frequency and low energy.

The signal on the electrical system can be received and used remotely through compatible modules.



Reseau CPL


Communication on the grid, top and bottom flow is subject to interference and attenuation that involved the establishment of a means of transmission control (eg CRC).

An integrated coupler input receivers PLC removes low frequency components before the signal processing.

Used as part of a private electricity network, the PLC technology is used to override the installation of a dedicated network cabling to communicate to devices in a home especially in the case of thick walls.


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