Home Automation?

It is a vast subject: motorized and remote control garage door or the blinds, regulate the heating, appliances program, simulating a presence, remote control alarm system, use an automatic irrigation system, use network multimedia, etc...

The purpose of home automation is to improve everyday life by means of electric and electronic devices.

On a more technical level, a home automation system receives information and issue orders.

Data transfer is based on a medium and a transmission protocol.

Depending on the transmission medium can be found:

  • The wiring in the house. The CPL is to superimpose a data signal to the electric current available throughout the house.
  • Coaxial cable - in this case, the data signal passes to the coaxial cable network in the house.
  • Wireless - in which case there's no wiring, all transmissions occur in the air.


Of course for each transmission medium, several protocols are available.

For CPL, the X-10 is fairly old and experienced. However, the HomePlug protocol is now widely used.

For wireless transmission, the ZigBee protocol is likely to be a future standard.

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For a home automation system is complete, it will take at least a transmitter, a controller and a receiver. Receivers receive and execute orders send by issuers, see controllers.

They trigger the desired actions on the appliances being connected with commands such as "lights", "Turn out" and "varying intensity.

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